Saturday, 26 August 2017

Parchment with Dragonflies

As I said the other day it is many years since I did any parchment work and now that I've come back to it I'm wondering why it took me so long.  I have to admit that things are so much easier these days with the wonderful Groovi system from Clarity Stamps which does away with the (for me anyway) very tedious business of tracing images.  I don't think this system really takes anything away from the pleasure of actual parchment crafting because once the image is traced you have freedom to emboss, snip, incorporate intricate lace work etc as the fancy takes you and as your skill, and patience, allow.

I have a small selection of Groovi items and this is more or less my first effort where I thought I'd go for something fairly simple to begin with and hopefully as time passes and I get going I can get back into some grid work and cutting although I will certainly have to practise these particular skills before they will be fit to be seen.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend - you can maybe guess what I might be doing at least for some of the time!!

Various Groovi plates used
Colouring done from the back using Distress markers


  1. Hi Val

    I love the look of parchment work but it is something I have never tried. It has always looked so time consuming and complicated to me .... and I imagine spending hours only to ruin it at the last minute. I must admit the Groovi system doesn't look quite so daunting.

    I love the finished look of your card. You certainly turn your hand to lots of different styles.

    I hope your internet is behaving now.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  2. It's a beautiful card Val. Glad you're enjoying your parchment craft again. Barbxx

  3. lovely parchment card Val are right it's so easy with the Groovi plates look forward to seeing me parchment cards from you


  4. This card is so pretty. There are classes at one of the local papercraft stores near me and the lady had a booth at the last papercraft garage sale at that store. She was selling the pearlescent vellum and the pergamo weight vellum 4 for a dooar. I wish now that /i had bought some! She even had inky vellum which was very pretty too.

    Perhaps I have a scrap or two in my stash and will give this look a try as it is so pretty.