Wednesday 25 May 2016

Another Bag

I've really been in sewing mode just recently, mostly recycling charity shop fabric finds to make bags for the tombola at an upcoming quilt exhibition where we usually raise money for a chosen charity each year.  Today I thought I'd have a slight change by using some of the embroidery stitches on my machine onto new fabric to make this bag which is adapted from one of Debbie shore's clutch bag patterns.  Hers has the flap and bag made from one piece of fabric which I have made previously but found it a bit difficult to get the lining to lie nicely in the corners where the bag meets the flap (if you know what I mean).  This time I cut the flap as a separate item and attached it while inserting the lining and I must say this did lie a lot flatter.  I've shown the  back and front of the bag so you can see the embroidery which in hindsight might have been good if it had been on the flap as well although I think it looks OK with a plain area and anyway I wasn't sure I'd get the embroidery quite the same if I made another separate piece from which to cut the flap.  I should have done a large enough area at the start - again hindsight is wonderful!!  However I did enjoy doing this which I think is always the main thing.