Saturday, 27 April 2013

Missing in Action - Again!!

My blog seems to have been sadly neglected of late but I have managed to take a look at most of the ones I follow although sadly not always had time to leave comments so apologies all round.  My time management skills seem to have deteriorated but hopefully I can soon get back into the swing although with the slightly warmer weather the garden is 'bursting out all over' and calling for attention so that is another thing to add into my busy schedule.  If anyone has any good suggestions for dealing with a large lawn which is looking more like a ploughed field covered in badger toilets I'd be grateful - a load of ready-mix concrete comes to mind!!  I'm sure mowing it must be classed as a health hazard.

This card was made as a commission for a man with an interest in woodwork and motorbikes - mention was also made that he used to milk cows but I was unable to include them as well.  I thought I had a woodgrain embossing folder but sadly not, so used another one which I thought looked vaguely like wood when used on Kraft card.  The motor bike stamp is one I've had for ages and came from a 'grab bag' of unmounted ones many years ago when wood-mounted stamps were the norm.  I used to cut my own wood blocks and mount them up would you believe.  The chap on the bike reminded me of the AA men who used to ride around with sidecars to come to the aid of stranded motorists - they wore peaked caps and would salute anyone with the AA badge on their vehicle (ought not to own up to remembering that - showing my age!!).  As the recipient of the card is 90 years old I felt he would be likely to remember them too.  The lady who asked for the card to be made was very pleased anyway.