Wednesday, 23 June 2021

More Inky Play

 As promised here is my card made using the gelli plate background - using some stamps which I 'found' while I was going through my boxes to find suitable stamps for this technique;.  I honestly can't recall buying this set and they must have been languishing in the bottom of this box for many years.  Anyway it was a lucky find even though I'm not particularly into fairies.  The background was done with Distress Oxide ink and Brusho dissolved in water - quite exciting to do because it is so unpredictable and each print is unique.  I cut a piece of the background to size before making the scene using a variety of stamps and masks for the ground and the moon.  I was in two minds about adding the words and dithered over this for a while - still not too sure about this but it's done now.

Fairy and Castle - Lavinia stamps purchased many years ago
Foliage - selection of stamps from various sets
Words - from a magazine freebie stamp set designed by Sheena 

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Ink and Stamps

I've been having a bit of inky play and have produced a couple of reasonably interesting backgrounds, one using a gelli plate and the other using a brayer.  For this card I chose the brayered background, cut it to fit a tall DL card and set about composing a little scene using a selection of stamps, some of which I've had for many years (they are from several different stamp sets).  I started by making the uneven 'ground' at the bottom using torn scrap paper and a brush to apply the ink, followed by stamping the tall toadstool in black then gradually building up the rest of the foliage using a variety of shades of green ink, popping the two hares into place.  Final touch was to add the overhanging leafy area and lightly brushing right around the edge with the darkest green, then mounting onto a larger piece of black card.  My original intention was to maybe put the whole thing onto a kraft card blank but I discovered along the way that not all DL cards are created equal 😉.  I have white, cream and kraft and they are all slightly different in size.  What is it they say about 'best laid plans' - this is now on a white background.  In future I must check the sizes before I start if I definitely want a particular colour of card blank for the finished project.  Ideas are going round in my head for using the gelli plate background next.

Toadstool and Hares - stamps by Lavinia
Foliage - variety of stamps from a wide selection of different sets
Greeting - sticker from Clarity