Saturday 20 April 2019

Sewing Holdall

Well it really is beautiful weather and far too nice to be indoors but my excuse is that having mowed the lawns this morning I need a little rest!  I hope you are all having such lovely warm sunshine for the Easter weekend.

I've been sewing again during the week and this time it was to make a very useful carry-around holdall for my hand sewing bits and pieces.  I'd spotted something very similar being used some time ago and thought I'd like to make one so I did the usual search online and was lucky enough to find the pattern available to purchase from  The design is called The Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented and the pattern is very well presented and despite being a bit fiddly to make it has worked out well I think.  I used a selection of fat quarters from my Batik collection and for the three pocket zips and the longer top zip I've used continuous zip on a roll which is really handy for this kind of thing because you can just work with the tape part of the zip, leaving the slider well out of the way when stitching - as long as you remember to slide it into place before trimming off the ends of course!!!!  As well as having the three zipped compartments there is ample space either side and between them to store all sorts of items.  The bag is approximately 10 inches from end to end and of course the long top zip allows it to open fully to sit on the table.