Saturday, 23 November 2019

Another Crochet CAL Project

The last couple of weeks seem to have disappeared far too quickly and worst of all I'm not sure I've achieved a huge amount but that does happen from time to time and I try not to stress about it. Having completed my previous CAL project and made a couple of 'virus' shawls I decided to get going on another CAL (crochet along) and hopefully this one won't take me as long to finish as the first one.  However having made the first square - and there are two more of these to make - I'm not holding my breath!  The circular centre section of each of these is very attractive but proved a bit of a task to make and I struggled with the quadruple and sextuple trebles required on the outer rounds.  I know how to do them but found it very difficult to get them neat because the top of each of these stitches ends up very loose with a large loop so if anyone has any hints or tips on how to avoid this I'd be grateful.  I did the usual and watched a YouTube video and tried to do exactly as shown but was unable to achieve the neat finish shown in this video.  I imagine practice makes perfect but each of these was made and remade several times and they are far from perfect.  The 'blurb' about this CAL said it was suitable for an intermediate crocheter or an enthusiastic beginner and while I'm not exactly a beginner I thought 'enthusiastic' should cover it - now I'm not so sure so this piece might end up as a cushion cover and the yarn will be used to make something else although I don't really like to beaten so will persevere for a while.

Here is a photo of the first square - it hasn't been blocked yet and I've just realised I've not measured it to see if it is the recommended size. If it isn't to size I guess the final blanket might not go together when the various sections are made.  It is good to take on a challenge though ... or is it??

CAL pattern and yarn from Deramores - Mediterranean CAL project