Monday 4 May 2015

Going Around in Circles

I recently saw a demonstration on Create and Craft where a circular stitching attachment was being used on a sewing machine and, guess what, I actually have one which has been lying around unused for a few years.  I thought I'd just dig it out and have a go to remind myself how it worked and having produced a piece of around 8" square thought it would be a shame to just put it aside so I've made it into a pocket for a bag, designed using up some of my fabric stash.  I'd like to say that the buttons were stitched on for decoration and of course they are quite decorative but one of the things I'd forgotten about these circles is that where they meet up,  some of the fancy stitches don't exactly match - the circles line up OK but the actual pattern doesn't finish as an exact match.  I must say that when I saw it demonstrated I had an idea this had happened but the camera panned away quite quickly onto another part of the design, presumably so that we wouldn't notice!!  Anyway I thought I'd just share this bag with you today and I hope you are all having good weather for the Bank Holiday - certainly looks better than yesterday at the moment anyway.

If anyone knows how to ensure that the fancy stitches match where they meet I'd be interested to hear as long as it doesn't involve complicated calculations!!

Sunday 3 May 2015

Pixie Snippets challenge 175/6

The challenge on Pixie Snippets is running for two weeks this time around so there should be plenty of entries for you to see over this time.  Mine for this week is a decoupage card using snippets of card to cut out the primrose design which was printed on the computer.  More snippets from my oddments boxes were used to die cut the decorative section for the sentiment and also the border at the bottom.  Finally the last remaining snippet from a pack of freebie papers has been used as a background.

Decoupage - Tattered Lace primrose die with matching CD-ROM
Border - Tattered Lace die
Sentiment - from a freebie stamp set
Decorative layers - Sue Wilson Caribbean die set