Friday 24 October 2014


Apologies to everyone - I've been unable to visit blogs since Wednesday because the power was off for a couple of hours during the morning and when they turned it back on it appears to have 'killed' my router which left me with no broadband connection until a replacement router arrived today which I've just set up to get me up and running again.  However did we manage before the Internet kept us in touch!!

Hopefully normal service is now resumed.  There is always a silver lining though - at least I've not been able to spend any money on online craft goodies and couldn't go out to the local shop in case I missed the package being delivered!!

Monday 20 October 2014

Christmas Village

In spite of having a good stock of Christmas cards I'm still drawn into making more - this time using a 'free' die which was on a Tattered Lace Magazine which jumped into my basket some time ago.  I have to confess that today was the first time the die had actually been taken off the magazine so that it can be stored away with my collection.  I used the free embossing folder which has appeared previously but this time I cut out an oval from the middle of it to contain my little village scene.  Backing paper is a pretty one with embossed snowflakes found in my stash.  I wondered about adding a greeting but probably won't because this really speaks for itself as a Christmas card.  Of course looking for something else, I've come across a set of free bauble stamps which have never been used so maybe another seasonal card is called for!!  I think I picked up the magazine with those on the cover last year and they deserve to be used.

Embossed panel - free folder used on white Centura Pearl card dusted with blue ink
Background - Papermania paper with embossed snowflakes
Village - free dies from Tattered Lace
Snowy hill - scrap of white card torn
Scene - dusted with Glamour Dust for a bit of sparkle

Sunday 19 October 2014

Pixie Snippets Playground 147

I've taken a picture of some more of my paper blooms (see previous post) which I imagine should qualify for the Pixie Snippets challenge this week because those fringed asters and the other blooms certainly involved lots of snipping.  The finished flowers are around 3 inches across and the asters for instance involved cutting fringes with scissors into three strips of mauve/purple paper around 16" long for each - this certainly required a degree of concentration!!  The alium type flowers are made from numerous punched shapes glued to polystyrene balls and then 'fluffed out'.  Apologies for the photograph but I had to take it rather quickly because I seem to have lots of odd jobs to catch up on today so couldn't really spare any more time to set this up but I'm sure you get the general idea. Hopefully when I've caught up with myself I can get back to making some more cards.