Sunday 21 June 2015

Back Again!

I must stop apologising for going missing and just try to catch up with the blog more frequently although I am doing my best to spend less time at the computer and more doing 'things'.

Last Sunday a friend and I visited a bead fair and amongst other things I bought a very pretty Czech glass button and yes, only the one although there were so many beautiful ones just saying 'buy me'!! I was also tempted to buy a book and as luck would have it there was a project in it where the author (Sabine Lippert) had added a bezel to a 27mm Rivoli.  I measured my button which was roughly that size so decided to have a go at using her instructions with a slight variation to bezel the button and this is the result.  All I need to do now is to make something from which to suspend this 'jewel' - did I just say 'all'?  Of course I could just pop it onto a chain which is a quick solution but will design a suitable necklace in due course.

There is gold detail on the centre of the button and the lighter colour size 15 (tiny!) beads are also gold finish which doesn't show up too well in the photograph - always difficult to take pictures of bling.