Saturday 21 March 2015

Missing Again!!

I'm afraid I've been missing from my blog for a while and was reminded of this by a friend who has been on holiday for a couple of weeks.  She was a little concerned that there had been no blog activity and said they were relieved to see my house lights on when they returned the other evening - really good to think that I'm actually missed when I don't blog.  The main reason is that I've been concentrating on sewing some bags of various designs for a 'bag tombola' fund-raising project which will be part of our group quilt exhibition in September.  Sadly I handed some in last Thursday without remembering to take any pictures but I do have photos now of three, two of which I've made today.  Someone at the group had been given some sample pieces of very expensive furnishing fabric and when I said that some of them would be good to make bags of course I was given a piece and I'm sure they are expecting to see what I've done with it next week!  I had acquired some of this cat print furnishing fabric and decided that the striped piece would go with that, along with some black handles and lining.  Many of the bags I'm making are using up various charity shop finds along with bits and pieces from my stash.  I'm really enjoying my stitching sessions but unfortunately it has meant that I've not spent as much time at the computer as I normally do - can't be in two places at once!!

I hope you are all enjoying some nice bright sunshine and seeing the spring flowers appearing.