Thursday 9 January 2014

Bag Lady

I seem to be turning rapidly into a 'bag lady' - not made any cards for several days but I have been tinkering on the sewing machine.  I had made this quilted panel as a sort of experiment, then thought that it could form part of another bag.  I had to play around with the sizes to accommodate the panel and also within the limits of the matching fabric I had available without going shopping.  Paper crafters know how much 'stuff' accumulates within no time at all and I have been sewing on and off for years so you can imagine my fabric stash would probably stock a small shop!!  These two bags haven't really made many inroads into the hoard but it is a start and my machine has had an airing so that it doesn't feel neglected.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Quiet Again

I must apologise for being quiet on the blogging front for a few days - slight health problem but thankfully starting to feel more 'normal' now (whatever normal is!!).  I spotted a patchwork bag on You Tube yesterday which used 12 charm squares and some other fabric for lining and handles and as I have loads of squares I thought I'd have a go.  This is the result using up some of the floral squares which are all different - I quite enjoyed making this and it turned out to be fairly straightforward to make.  We actually have blue skies and sunshine at the moment although the day started with torrential rain, thunder and lightning!!