Sunday, 2 August 2015

Good Morning

I've had  enquiries from a few friends who were a little concerned at not seeing any blog posts recently and it is very nice to know that I'm missed.  I'm fine and have been keeping busy with lots of things including of course trying to keep up with the weeds and long grass in the garden - sadly a losing battle at the moment but I will catch up eventually I'm sure and anyway it can't just keep on growing, can it??  I've been doing quite a bit of beadwork recently which is very time consuming and I can share with you a picture of a  Christmas bauble which I decorated.  Not without some frustrations I must say because of course this type of work isn't easy to hold firmly in the hand while working and there is huge potential for the long thread to catch around any (or all) of the 'dangles' while working and believe me, it does!!

I will try to post on the blog but it won't be daily for the moment - part of my time management strategy which doesn't seem to be working as well as I'd hoped.