Saturday 3 November 2012

Make My Monday

Hopefully I am just about in time to post this  for the final French themed challenge on Make My Monday. The topic this week was feminine romance so I hope this anniversary card will be OK.  The week as usual seems to have flown by and I must admit I was struggling to find anything different in the way of something suitably French.  Eventually I came across this background which was a download I've had for ages and had completely forgotten about (also no idea where it came from now either - sorry).  I added a die cut swirl and hearts using Marianne dies, added a bit of overstanping and finally a stamped and punched 'postage stamp' together with a greeting.

Again I've been missing from blogland much of the week and I really will try harder to keep up and also keep in touch with my favourites.

Monday 29 October 2012

Quick and Easy Bag

I must apologise for my lack of blog posts towards the end of last week - somehow time just seemed to disappear - they say time flies when you're having fun and it is so true!!  I managed to visit most of my usual blogs and hopefully left comments on the majority but a few may well have slipped past my notice - sorry.

Today I have a stitching project to show you which was produced as a sort of 'teaching aid' because I dug out some instructions for a 'quick and easy bag' to pass onto a friend who has recently become hooked on patchwork and quilting; had acquired a sewing machine and wanted to 'play'.  I suggested maybe making one of these as a way of getting used to the machine without just stitching onto odd scraps of fabric.  However when I read the instructions I felt that they weren't perhaps quite as clear  to a 'new' stitcher as they might be so thought the best way would be to make up a bag to a certain stage so that I could actually show her how it was constructed.  I knew that once I got home with the half finished one I should immediately complete it otherwise it could join my collection of UFOs (unfinished objects) although I prefer to call them WIPs (works in progress) - a much more positive name!!  I decided the outside was a bit plain so quickly added a sort of flower appliqued onto one side - a definite bit of artistic licence here and it keeps reminding me of a fried egg now but never mind it is bright and does match the lining.  The bag is roughly the size of a black plastic carrier from M & S (the sort you get when you buy underwear or anything not food) and folds up easily to tuck into my capacious handbag ready to fill with goodies when I go to the shops.  I often set out with just my handbag thinking I probably won't buy anything much but items have a habit of jumping into my basket when I'm not looking - it would be so rude to throw them out again wouldn't it?  At least now I won't need to have a plastic carrier for my purchases.

I'm thinking of making another of these bags because while I was out today I saw a gorgeous cushion in the shape of an owl so 'stored' the design in my brain until I got home and have made a quick sketch because I  think it would make a wonderful applique design - just need to stop waffling on the computer and get stitching again.