Monday 20 January 2014

More Apologies

I'm afraid I must apologise yet again for neglecting my blog - 'things' just seem to have got in the way and I've been trying to catch up generally with all sorts of jobs.  However I mentioned to a friend that I'd made yet another bag and promised to post a picture.  This one was much more labour intensive than the last two because it has pockets outside on all four sides and all the sections are quilted.  It was made from a pattern but the construction in general wasn't the most straightforward because each side, end and the base were all separate pieces which involved plenty of matching up and manoeuvring to get it put together.  Suffice to say I won't be making another one like it although it will make a handy 'workshop bag' which is what it was designed for I understand.  Hopefully my 'mojo' will return soon and I will have some cards to share.