Wednesday 6 December 2023

Snowy Scene

 Whilst I do enjoy making more elaborate cards, I find that many people much prefer to have cards which are flatter and therefore more economical to send through the post so I do try to make a mixture of both.  Looking through my stock I realised that many of mine are more suited for hand delivery so I've decided to go for some 'flatter' ones.  I've not added any words to this CAS one because there are people who don't celebrate Christmas as such but would still like to receive a card and this one speaks for itself 😉.

Curvy Die - unbranded
Background - printed from Artylicious Season's Greetings CD


  1. That's a great CAS look and with cards, there is something for everyone!

  2. Good idea Val, post is expensive, plus some get damaged. Also I’ve sent some with holiday instead of Christmas, as like you say, not everyone believes or like it xx

  3. . . . and it's a beauty. Definitely speaks for itself - and a good idea to leave off the sentiment from the front. xxx

  4. Great card Val! I love the CAS look and no sentiment for all the same reasons as you.


  5. This is really clever and I love the blue. Postage is so expensive it pays to make flatter cards!