Sunday, 5 March 2017

It's Been A While!!

I'd not realised quite how long it has been since I posted something on here but somehow other things seem to have  been taking up a lot of my time.  I expect the truth is that I keep getting slower and probably waste quite a lot of time one way and another. Maybe I should pay attention to time management rather than just drifting along doing what takes my fancy from day to day!!  However I've spent a bit of time this morning reminding myself how to do things using Craft Artist - what a shame it doesn't seem to appear on TV any more.  I do however have lots of scribbled notes from way back when they were on although I must say some of them don't mean a lot currently, mainly because I forget which kits they referred to.  Anyway I have managed a fairly simple card so will pop it on here just so people know I'm still around.  I'm aiming to get back into making actual cards shortly as it is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Well - that took way longer than it should have because I'm so out of touch that I forgot that I couldn't post a CA project direct onto the blog so I had to go back in and convert it to a picture first - dim or what!!


  1. Beautiful words and a beautiful card. Life often gets in the way but you do what you need to do when you need to do it. Getting older is a privileged, so take your time and do what makes you happy, you've earned it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  2. Lovely to see you back Val. Not been so good at blogging myself recently either. Nursing my other half takes up a lot of my time. Gosh it's years since I used mine as well. Love what you've done though. Hugs Rita xxxx

  3. Hi Val, lovely to see you. A beautiful card. the butterfly is so pretty and I do like the words. Sometimes real life takes over and we don't have time for blogging - no need to apologise. I find it is more time consuming since bloggers last update. I do wish they wouldn't try and fix what isn't broken

  4. I wouldn't stress over time management Val that's for people that aren't retired!! Your digital card is lovely, great 3D effect with the flowers. I haven't done CA for ages either unless I'm using it to resize folders for cards. I don't think you're on Facebook but there is an amazing group on there which gives brilliant tutorials for CA.
    Val x

  5. You've created a lovely card Val and I love your sentiment and combination of colours


  6. I should just enjoy life Val instead of worrying where that time has gone. A lovely card front you've created whilst reminding yourself of the workings of craft artist.

    Sue xx

  7. Hah! You made me smile with your words Val.

    Lovely card you've made with Card Artist.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. Well you,ve made a lovely card Val. I often find life takes over and I find myself chasing my tail. Never mind, spring is just around the corner! Hugs, Barbxx