Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crystal Bracelet

Another quick post today showing a crystal bracelet based on a design shown in a recent issue of Bead magazine.  Today started off a touch frosty but with blue sky and sunshine - by lunchtime it had become very dark,  rained hard for quite a while and still looks very grey and dismal so indoors seems the best place to be. I hope those who had problems with Blogger have managed to solve them satisfactorily.  I had already switched to the new interface when it was offered as an option some while ago and have become used to it.


  1. Like you I'd also switched to the new interface & in fact now I much prefer it though I'm not amused by the Reader/Following function so took matters into my own hands & use RSS instead. We too have dull & wet. The patterning of your beads in the bracelet is so lovely & interesting - I love the colours you have used, I just sat & drank them in!
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Beautiful bracelet. Hugs x ChrisB

  3. A lovely bracelet Val. I had not switched to the new blogger, but I think I've been switched now. So far no problems but we will wait and see. We had a lovely sunny morning and then rain this afternoon, and it looks as though it will be much of the same next week. Oh well there's always crafting :-)

    Sue x

  4. This is lovely Val. I do like the pretty jewellery you create and this one is very much in my colours. Today has started damp and grey here ............... again :-(

    Lesley Xx