Saturday, 29 May 2010

Needle Felting

Today's offering is a far from perfect needle felted bear (standing about 4 inches tall) which is my first attempt at making a 3D figure using this method. I have made various flower corsages and they usually turn out OK but making a bear seems to be more of a challenge and I found it difficult to judge the amount of wool tops required to make each part - I'm not sure I got the proportions quite right this time. Nevertheless it was fun to do and I will definitely try again. It is something which can be done sitting comfortably in a chair with a lap tray and the main thing is to take great care not to stab fingers (or knees) with the very sharp barbed felting needles.


  1. This is really cute, I have a tiny red one I made years ago, that sits on my bedroom window that I can't 'bear' to part with. I love this blue one, Judith x

  2. He looks pretty good to me Val - great colour!

  3. He's great Val you must have so much patience.


  4. Well done Val - I haven't tried making a 3D figure this way but I think he's turned out brilliantly. I love the colour of him but he does look a bit grumpy :0(...........!!