Sunday, 29 July 2012

Refresher Course

Yesterday morning I spent an few enjoyable  hours at a quilling course run by my friend Jill of Jills Quills. I'd not actually done any quilling for probably 8 or 9 years and my box containing all the paper strips has lain neglected on a shelf for all that time.  Well maybe it has been moved around a few times during some of my efforts to re-organise things but it certainly hadn't been opened so I thought this workshop was an oopportunity for a little refresher course.  The topic was quilled flowers and we were provided with a work sheet with divisions to fill with the various flowers.  As is usual with workshops there wasn't quite enough time to get it completed (maybe I'm too slow) but just to show Jill that I did my 'homework' here is the finished article - not perfect by a long chalk but it was a reminder of just how many different designs can be made using the basic quilled shapes and an incentive to practise getting  the shapes a more regular size.



  1. I am very impressed Val that you have a 'full house' - like the folded roses too. I look forward to more quilling on your blog!

  2. This is beautiful Val, I've never done quilling before, but seeing these I could be tempted.

    Sue x

  3. Well done Val. Not sure I'd have the patience to do this but I always admire them. Now what will you be doing with this skill? Can't wait to see. Hugs, Buttons x

  4. My quilling equipment is lying neglected too - I never did manage to get very far with shapes & I think I have some kits somewhere too..... The little flowers are such useful images & it's great to have a sampler board to be able to refer too. Sounds like you had a lovely time.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Val you must be very pleased with your quilled flowers they look great if they were mie I would be over the moon


  6. Gorgeous sampler Val - glad you managed to finish it off at home. Sounds like you had a great time at Jill's workshop.

    Karen x

  7. remember doing these years ago - still have some neglected papers lying around somewhere. Don't worry about getting the shapes all the same - nature doesn't! -they still look good