Saturday, 12 May 2012

Beaded Needle Case

No it's not your eyes which are playing tricks it is my dodgy photography - problem with this little needle case is that it didn't want to stand up on its own so I did the best I could with the object in one hand and camera in the other.  All in all a bit of a disaster but as I've not posted for a couple of days I didn't want my friends worrying where I am so apologies for the fuzzy result.  Beading a wooden needle case is something I've not tried before and I thought it would make a change from jewellery - I have enjoyed making it. - The wooden 'blanks' come in packs of two so I might well make another one before I put the remaining one away in a safe place and probably forget where I've put it.  I friend kindly loaned me a couple of books with various designs so plenty of choice some much more elaborate and detailed than others. Today has been blue skies and sunshine and what I should have been doing is mowing lawns but hopefully the dry weather will last at least until tomorrow when I really must do them before I get sidetracked into any more crafting fun. No prizes for guessing what I'd rather be doing than mowing lawns!!

Edited to replace the 'fuzzy' photograph with this one - why didn't I have my brain in gear yesterday to photograph this lying down - definitely a senior moment.


  1. having just attacked what passes for a lawn with a strimmer - needs a combine rather than a small mower!- I definitely agree with you! Very impressed with the needle case, gorgeous colouras too

  2. Splendid - gorgeous colours & I cannot even begin to imagine how this was done. Not at all easy photographing with one hand - I did that with my ribbon tutorial! I've got weeding on the agenda!
    Paula (PEP)

  3. How novel Val and so pretty! Two whole days without rain, amazing :o)
    Val x

  4. Oh wow Val - you've done it again!!! Yet another piece of gorgeous beadwork.......perhaps that's where I'm going wrong - I was out mowing the grass!!! lol. Loo forward to seeing the next "creation" - by the way as you have trouble keeping tabs on all these things I'll keep them safe for you......? hehek

  5. Before I saw Karen's comment, my first reaction was WOW! This is stunning Val and I'm amazed at the detail in this beautiful creation. As I've said before I don't bead so I'm always stunned by your lovely work.

    Lesley Xx