Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mohair Easter Bunny

Yesterday I attended a lovely workshop to make a small mohair Easter bunny.  I managed to get him almost finished before it was time to pack up and go home and this morning my first priority (after breakfast of course) was to get him completed so here he is.  He stands (or sits actually) around four inches tall so the stitching was quite fiddly in places especially attaching his head but I reckon the finished result is worth the effort and these workshops are always great fun with coffee, plenty of chat, something interesting to make and a salad lunch if required - what more could one ask for..  I'm now looking forward to the next workshop in a few week's time which is book binding and we are aiming to make a book complete with slip cover so that will require different skills.


  1. Oh Val he is so cute I love him......worth all your hard work...


  2. Gorgeous Bunny she looks delightful. I assume it's a girl cos she's pink :))

  3. That is sooo cute Val - you are very talented. Look forward to seeing the book binding too. Hope this isn't stopping you from making samples for our demo venture coming up. Jill

  4. What a gorgeous little bunny.

    Look forward to seeing your post on book binding.

  5. She is absolutely beautiful Val........ she deserves a name so you better get your thinking cap on. It was definitely worth all the fiddly work. Looking forward to the bookbinding workshop and the goodies we will hopefully bring home with us.