Monday, 19 March 2012

Faux Leather

A couple of members of our local craft group showed the rest of us how to make a slip cover for a small notebook with an appearance similar to leather.  We used felt and tissue paper with Bondaweb - I didn't really like the colours I used at the workshop so made another piece when I came home using some black tissue paper and I do prefer this one.  This had just a basic decoration added of a few small flowers cut out from the surplus 'faux leather' after I'd measured the notebook and cut to size.  The braid along the edges was made on the sewing machine because I didn't really have anything suitable for the edging.  These would make handy small gifts or something to sell for fundraising maybe, especially if the local Pound Shop has any suitable little books available.


  1. Wow, this looks fantastic it really looks like leather, and the machine made braid looks so good as well. Maybe you can get your friend to write a tutorial, I'd love to have a go at making something like this.

    Sue x

  2. My thoughts exactly, a tutorial please:) Lovely project Val.
    Val x

  3. Great book cover Val, love the braiding...clever
    suzi b xx

  4. love the leather look Val - can we have some instructions please? a lovely little project

  5. Great project Val. Amazing what you can achieve with tissue and bondaweb eh?

  6. Cor this is fabby Val .. What a splendid idea... I also adore the tag on the post below !! Got some spray mist thingies ... gonna have a go..... Ta! xxx

    Eileen xx

  7. Looks amazing Val and what a beautiful book cover....


  8. This looks very luxurious & I love the colours & your braid. You turn your handy to so many different aspects of crafting my jaw drops & just barely recovers from one technique to another.
    Paula (PEP)