Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Knitted Flower

Well the weather is very chilly again this morning but looking bright so the heater is on warming up my craft room so that I can get in there and maybe make a card or two.  In the meantime here is something a bit different - a flower knitted from some of the lacy scarf yarn which is about at the moment - I've knitted so many scarves in various colours that I don't really need any more so decided to have a go at this which can either have a pin stitched on the back as a brooch or it could be sewn to a bag or maybe made into a hair ornament.  It takes very little of the yarn so one ball would make a lot of them to sell at a craft fair perhaps.


  1. Val this is lovely...and what a way to up us odd bits of wool if you dont want your scarf too long and you can have a matching flower....very original...


  2. Beautiful Val this would go down so well with young women who love all the embellishments#;#0
    Val x

  3. Wow how beautiful, I love it! I'll have to brush up on my knitting skills lol
    Claire xx

  4. Great idea Val - I'll pick your brains on Sunday about this as I've got lots of this wool at home.

  5. lovely Val - one of my scarf patterns has a matching flower =never had enough yarn left to try it though - was tempted to get a ball just for flowers today, as yarn was on half price offer, but resisted (mind you, I did buy 2 balls of new scarf-type yarn anyway!)

  6. Love these colours - warm & cosy. Flowers are definitely amongst my favourites when it comes to crafting...... this makes me think of one of those cloche style hats from the 1920s with a flower on the side.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. I really like this Val and I must show it to my Daughter. She loves this kind of embellishment for any of the reasons you mention in your post and I too would love it as a brooch.

    Lesley Xx