Thursday, 29 January 2009


Here is my contribution for the Tanda Teaser challenge for this week. A trifold card with the title of 'Handbags at Dawn'.


  1. Hi
    I was given a challenge to day and had to pass it on so here goes, You have to look on your computer pick the 6th album and post the 6th pic and explain about it and then pass this challenge onto 6 people.

    Kath x

  2. Hi Val, good to see you back, great card and thanks for using tanda stamps...congrats on setting up your blog too...I've kind of set one up but not sure what to do next (don't check it out yet coz nothing is happening atm)....hoping to exchange rubber stamping lessons with the IT teacher at DD1 and DD2's school for setting up a really cool blog....she's just got to have her baby first!!!(due Feb sometime!) this space! Keep up the good work and keep in touch!