Monday, 9 April 2012


You know how it is - you start doing one simple quick job and end up being sidetracked onto something else which takes ages - well it often happens to me.  I was just going to sort out a few bits and pieces for my demonstration and suddenly there were these 'pearls' just waiting to be made into a necklace so I thought it could be one more sample for the table to show what could be made with items available in the shop.  I originally bought the pearls because I needed just two for the pair of ear rings I made recently so it seemed a pity not to use some more of them.  I really must get on with getting things organised so that I can pack it all up to make sure nothing vital is forgotten - something I'm always afraid of.  I had intended spending most of the day making cards but it is afternoon already - time flies.


  1. This is a lovely necklace Val, I like the way you've used the pearls. Glad everything is working OK today.

    Sue x

  2. Great to be able to comment on this today - I couldn't access it though I'd seen it come through on my RSS Feeds. I love the variegation of those golden brown tiny beads - it's a beautifully intricate piece.
    Paula (PEP)