Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Daisy Braid Variation

A few of my crafty friends thought they would like to have a go at some beadwork so I decided a possible introduction for them would be to try a simple variation on the daisy braid.  I've made this bracelet as a sample although it has yet to have a clasp attached.  Now all that remains is to go through my bead stash and sort them out a few beads and gather my threads and equipment together so that they can have a try without having to dash out and buy lots of beads etc if they discover that using tiny seed beads isn't for them which I appreciate is a distinct possibility although I thoroughly enjoy bead weaving with needle and thread.


  1. A lovely beadwork I know having tried it beadwork isn't easy take a lot of time and are so clever having so many different talents


  2. That is lovely Val. I have some daisy patterns with all good intentions in my stash!

  3. How pretty Val you are so talented!!
    Val x

  4. I love seeing your bead creations & I do like the subtle variation in the colours of the beads - lovely with the silver.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. A lovely bracelet Val. I've been trying to clear some of my ever growing mountain of clutter on my tops in my craftroom and found a tub with beads in that must have been there for a couple of years (shame on me). I'll have to open it properly and see what I was in the middle of making.

    Sue x

  6. This is lovely Val although I have to admit bead work isn't for me

    Jackie x

  7. Wow Val - full of admiration but after my last attempt...............hope your friends enjoy as I am sure they will.

  8. lovely bracelet Val - am always in awe of people who can handle those tiny beads!

  9. Well, I'd love wearing this Val but I don't think I could handle those teeny beads. The old fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be, lol!

    Lesley Xx