Friday, 16 September 2011

A Very quick card and a Disappointment

I was excited this week when my copy of the Docrafts Country companion CD set arrived (it doesn't take much!!) as there are lots of cute and popular characters on there for many occasions.  The disappointment came when I installed the programme on my computer and used the software to make a page of images, embellishments and so on to make a card.  All went well and it was looking good on the screen but when I went to print it was a disaster with the small embellishments (flowers, a heart and so on) coming out absolutely huge and overpowering the rest of the items on the page.  Fortunately these were on a layer  behind the backing paper which I'd included on the A4 page so I was just about able to rescue enough to make this really simple card. Well they'd said on TV what a wonderful piece of software this was so I assumed I'd done something silly so I immediately did another layout on the screen - this time making up a complete square card design with backing paper, image (layered) text and  embellishments - again hearts and some different flowers and leaves all tastefully arranged!!.  Lo and behold the same sort of thing happened with some items being the right size and others being huge again and all over the page instead of where I'd placed them.
I'm wondering if anyone else has been having the same sort of problems or maybe I have a faulty set of discs? Another disappointment is the response from Docrafts - not even an acknowledgement of my first message earlier in the week so yesterday I contacted them again - on both occasions using the 'form' which is on the software .  At least yesterday I did get an automated response email but so far nothing more.
Sorry - rant over and here is the very simple card I made and I will be making a heart and some flowers to add in due course.


  1. What a shame Val...and some of these CD's aren't cheap...C & C makes a big thing about customer service but you certainly haven't had ANY....when you hear about things like this is does put you off buying one of these CD's... lets hope that it is just a faulty CD and that they get in touch QUICKLY and sort your problem out....tut...tut...Create and Craft..


  2. Hi Val, my friend bought a few of docraft cd. When she came to load them on to the computer, She had big problems. She had to download Adobe Air which didn't down load properly, then wouldn't unistall. She e mailed and rang them up a few times and a lady told her that her memory wasn't big enough. She eventually had to call a guy out to her computer and it cost her £65 to get it all sorted so she could use it again. I was thinking about them but definately changed my mind. Hope you get sorted out with it. Hugs x ChrisB

  3. Hi Val, sorry to read you're having such trouble. CD crafting is something I don't do beyond printing from Glenda's CDs mainly 'cos I'm such a computer numpty but reading of your problems, I'm almost glad I am. What you managed to salvage is really sweet but it's cost you a lot of hassle. Hope Do Crafts respond as they should and sooner rather than later!

    Lesley Xx

  4. How utterly disappointing - hope you have some help sorting it out. I'm definitely not computer savvy enough to even follow what you described doing. Love the pretty little creatures sitting in that boat though.
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - I'm excited too, finally ordered my Big Shot.

  5. What a shame Val and customer services sound useless as well. I hope you manage to get something sorts soon
    Your card is pretty though
    Jackie x

  6. Oh, I've bought those and designed on computer but not printed yet! Will have to see what happens when I print them. I haven't any problems with the Me To You disks I bought though and have printed quite a few of those so why is there a problem with Country Companions I wonder?????

    Hope they sort it soon!!!!

  7. Don't you just hate it when that happens. Makes me glad that this is one I passed on. The card looks great though.

    Sue x