Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Spiky Bracelet

I'm demonstrating bead weaving in a couple of week's time so I've been looking through books and magazines (a favourite occupation) for something a bit different to show.  This bracelet in a recent edition of Bead and Button took my fancy and as I'd bought some small dagger beads recently I decided to have a go.  It is made using Peyote stitch which is one I enjoy using. As the weekend weather isn't looking too promising I think I will probably spend much of the time going through my bead stash to sort out a couple of projects and get them started ready for the demonstrations - I'll need something reasonably straightforward so that I can talk to people and carry on working without making any mistakes in the pattern.


  1. Wow Val this is just stunning....what a fabulous bracelet and just love the effect of the dagger beads...cant wait to see it in the 'flesh'


  2. That looks great Val - look forward to the demo. I'm having a weekend of seeing what I can sort for demos too!

  3. Fantastic Val........ wonderful bracelet but you won't get me anywhere near peyote stitching ever again!!!! lol

  4. That is really impressive. I've never even seen bead weaving before & I just love that inside. Enjoy the magazines & looking through the bead stash.
    Paula (PEP)