Sunday, 24 July 2011

Froggy Treat

When is an owl not an owl?  When it's a frog!  I'd made a little treat holder (similar in shape to a book of matches) and it has a little window inside to hold a chocolate treat - or any other treat really.  (Tutorial on Split Coast Stampers). The obvious thing is to pop in chicks for Easter, Santas for Christmas and so on but when I called into my local branch of M & S to see what was around I found some little foil wrapped chocolate frogs but hadn't got around to using them yet until I was thinking of other ways in which I might use my cute Stampin Up owl punch.  I've managed to turn him into a frog of sorts - I've not taken a picture of the inside because the foil on the chocolate is extra shiny and reflections are causing a problem.


  1. Just love your little frog, that owl punch is certainly versatile....just spotted those butterflies too.


  2. clever idea Val - an getting all sorts of ideas for mine

  3. What a good idea Val - love your little frog and aren't the embossed butterflies lovely..... so glad I got that one as well!!!

  4. Very inventive Val, it looks so realistic! loving the butterfly too, I may have to invest in that one:)
    Val x

  5. love your frog! Would never have guessed it was originally an "owl". Clever crafting. ikki