Saturday, 14 May 2011

Forgotten Friday 16

Well it is time for Forgotten Friday again on Judith's blog although now it is Saturday.  Blogger was 'down' yesterday so wasn't able to post this card until this morning.  I was reminded when I saw Judith's card last week that I too had bought a box of Scrabble  style tiles a good few years ago and hadn't actually used many of them so dug them out of retirement to add words to this card.  In doing so I discovered there are many more Qs and Js etc in this set than there are in the real game tiles so not really sure what will happen to those but maybe I can paint over them and stamp something but it would probably be easier to bin them!!  I was asked for a Get Well card in the week and realised that all I had were a couple of 'feminine' style ones so decided to do this one which might be more male orientated.

The image is a digtal one but I'm afraid I can't recall where it was from because I usually print out a whole page of images to make best use of the card or paper and keep the spares in a box so this 'ruff' looking dog has also been lying neglected.  Background papers are from my stash, the words at the top were printed from the computer and I added a Marrianne die cut corner.


  1. Love the "Scrabble Tiles" and Ruff looks as if he's bin up to mischief :)
    Glad Blogger up and running!
    Sue x

  2. Great card Val, I love the use of the scrabble tiles. I didn't know that blogger wasn't working yesterday as I was ill and stayed in bed. Feeling better today though, I must get on and make something for Forgotten Friday now.

  3. Blogger has been driving me mad all week as I haven't been able to leave comments anywhere. It's DD's wedding next Saturday so I'm not going to be able to go back over posts to leave comments on them all as I usually like to do :0(.

    This card is great for a man Val. I love that dog with the woebegon look and well done on using up some of those tiles.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Great card Val! This is a really cute image, and ties in with the background colours really well. Thanks for joining in again this week, Judith xx

  5. Great card Val, love the sentiments! ikki