Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I often wonder why I keep getting drawn into trying different things instead of sticking to one craft - guess I must be a butterfly because I really do flit from thing to thing all the time and never settle on anything for long.  I was tempted to try Amigurumi and could so easily become hooked (please forgive the pun) on making these little crochet animals and yesterday I just had to buy a book with some cute examples which I'm just itching to make a start on - at least doing something interesting like this stops me falling asleep in front of the TV.  Here are just three of my growing 'family' - a duck and two teddies.


  1. Gosh you are such a talented lady....your little family is so sweet. I shall look out for more little cuties as I did 'spy' that little book that you bought yesterday in the craft shop!!


  2. Very cute, they make me smile!
    Sue B x

  3. Can see why your hooked they are so cute. Hugs x ChrisB

  4. They are so fab Val - I love them!!

  5. These are so cute, Val. I'm like you, I always want to try lots of different crafts too. I've been crocheting, but something different, I'll blog it in a few days time! Judith xx