Thursday, 16 June 2022

All the Fun of the Fair

 I've been looking through my collection of 'freebie' die and stamp sets which I've collected over the years although due to Covid and Lockdown it seems ages since I bought any craft magazines - not that I'm short of dies and stamps, free or otherwise but I could never resist picking them up from the supermarket 😉.  Unfortunately, or may be fortunately, craft magazines don't seem to be available with my online grocery shopping!!

 Anyway I came across a large set of dies from four years ago which includes houses, which I have used before, and also some city-scape dies and ones depicting a fairground which I've never used so I set about making a card with a fairground theme which I thought would be apt for the lovely summery weather we are having at present.  This card involved quite a bit of measuring and trimming of pieces of card to build up the various layers and I certainly wouldn't want to be making a lot like this but I think it has turned out OK in the end.  I've yet to use the city-scape dies but I'm sure an idea will come to me at some point for these as well.


  1. I was one who loved all the rides at the amusement parks and fairs and this card takes me back to those days! Beautifully and cleverly designed!

  2. Super card Val, I love the beautiful scene you’ve created. xx

  3. A beautiful summer scene Val, and all the fun of the fair. It looks very intricate but what a fab set! I know what you mean about magazines. I didn’t buy many, but I couldn’t resist looking whilst at motor services enroute to a holiday xxx