Wednesday, 14 July 2021


 The idea for this card isn't entirely my own, spotted it a little while ago and decided to give it a try although I must apologise for not crediting the source.  You know how it is - you see something that sticks in your mind and then cannot find it again 🙄.  What I did remember is that you start out with a stencil and ink up a piece of card and then some of the motifs were cut out and used as 3-D 'trees'.  I inked a piece of cream card to give the impression of a landscape and then stamped a couple of trees to form a backdrop..   I chose three sections of the stencilled piece and cut them out, inking the edges slightly.  Popped them into place and then stamped a couple of hares and some flying birds to complete the scene.  I dithered a bit about adding a sentiment, eventually deciding I would.

Stencil - Pods from Lavinia Stamps
Bare Trees - stamp from an Autumnal set which were free with a magazine last year
Hares - Lavinia Stamps
Birds - Card-io stamp
Sentiment - from magazine freebie set Phill Martin


  1. Lovely card amazing what you can do with inks and stamps


  2. Super card, Val. A very clever way of using the stencil. xx

  3. Hi Val

    A great little scene and brilliant stencil work. I'm not surprised the idea stuck in your mind.

    Those tiny birds are a great finishing touch.

    Enjoy the sunshine.

    Love Jules xx