Monday, 17 August 2020

An Experiment

 I thought this morning I'd have a play and see how I got on with making a 'scrapling' card which is something which the lovely Jules does so well - take a look at her blog and scroll down a little way to find a Christmas one of these.

For mine I used up a little piece of card which had been sprinkled with Pixie Powders but it was a bit bland so I added some inking, stencilling and over stamping to liven it up a bit.  Next I die cut a honeycomb, a flower and a tiny golden bee. Some of the 'waste' from the honeycomb has been popped back in at random.  Yes each time I die cut a honeycomb I save all the 'waste' 😀😀

 I must say I wasn't sure this small size of card was for me and in my head couldn't really see how I could incorporate much to make it interesting.  I've always been more comfortable working in square format at around 150 mm but it is good to step outside the comfort zone now and then.  This little card is 65 mm x 135 mm - no sentiment added because I think it could be very useful as a gift card maybe.

Background - using Pixie Powders, honeycomb stencil and a text stamp
Honeycomb - from Honeybee stamp and die set Stampin' Up
Flower - die which sadly has lost its packaging
Bee - die from a Tonic set


  1. I keep all the fallouts from any die cut not just honeycom and have been known to ask for them when watching demos at shows much to Miss Di’s horror! Those were days my friend if only we knew it at the time. Off to catch up with Barbara now at the SHAC. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Your homey comb card is lovely Val, great background and like the addition of your little bee and flower..


  3. I tried the new blogger but it was throwing up so many problems when I was posting the last butterfly challenge that in desperation I reverted back and will stay on the old version for as long as I can. Trying to post the tutorial with all the how to pictures on nearly did my head in plus it was taking me hours to get right. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Hi Val

    A lovely scrapling card!

    You have created a lovely background and I love the dies you have used.

    Thank you for the shout out .. .. that was really kind. I shall look forward to perhaps seeing a few more scraplings further down the line.

    Love Jules xx