Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Change of Activity

I've not done any stitching since I went into lock-down - couldn't get motivated somehow but I thought it was about time I changed that situation.  I'm very fond of Redwork embroidery and I knew that some time ago I had embroidered some panels with different quirky cats so I went in search of them to remind me how many I'd done and to maybe decide what to actually do with them.  There were six finished panels but three were landscape format and three portrait format  which I thought would cause a bit of a problem trying to incorporate them into a small quilt so I decided eventually that making some bags with embroidered panels on the side might be the way to go and so far I've made three.  When you see the photograph the eagle-eyed amongst might observe that the cat is actually purple and not red.  Redwork was indeed traditionally carried out using red thread - Turkey red I think originally - but I chose to make all my cats purple in a break from tradition.

Fortunately I had some purple fabric and also some lining with purple colours in it for the linings.  Having worked out a suitable size for the tote bags I cut various strips and panels to build up the front and back.  I'm aiming to make four altogether; two with a vertical cat design on each side, two with a horizontal design on each side and one each using the two left over panels one one side with a plain piece on the other.

My next job is to clear up the chaos left in the living room from my mad sewing session!!


  1. Wonderful tote bag Val, the cat is fabulous! xx

  2. Your Redwork embroidery looks great in purple .. .. you little rebel you! I shall look forward to seeing the others.

    Nice to have a change of craft sometimes isn't it.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Your bag look fantastic Val, even with the purple red work.

    Sue xx

  4. Love your Redwork quirky cat bag do have some lovely material in your stash...


  5. Hi Val,
    that is excellent work love your wonderful bag and the gorgeous needle work.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.