Sunday, 7 April 2019

Pixie Snippets Challenge #349

I've used up some snippets of fabric today to take along to the latest Playground challenge - the three fabrics were all left over from separate projects and some of them were in odd bits and pieces but luckily they toned together nicely to make this bag.   I bought the pattern last week at the quilt show and decided to try making the plainer version to give the pattern a try out before going for the more complicated version which has applique houses on the front pocket and a pieced panel for the zipped pocket on the back.  Both versions are quite heavily quilted although I've actually not done quite as much as was suggested in the instructions.  I found the instructions to be quite clear to understand but the construction method seemed a bit more complicated than I was expecting but I got there in the end although it did take me much longer to make than usual.  All the while that I was stitching my mind was working out how it could be made using a much simpler method of assembly and I will probably play around a bit and then try adding the applique.

The pink panel on the front is a quilted and bound pocket and on the back there is another picket which incorporates a zip, the flap is fastened with a 'lucky find' button of the right colour after a little root through my box of odd buttons.

Bag Pattern - from Monkey Buttons - lots of lovely patterns and fabrics available from them


  1. Wow, I am loving your bags, they are utterly gorgeous and such beautiful colours xxx

  2. Oh my Giddy Aunt Val - you should go into a cottage industry/business! This is so very pretty - and my favourite colours of course. AND, you justified why we so many of us have a button box! I love this snippets entry!


    Di xx

  3. Hi Val

    Loving your sewing project .. .. and the one in the previous post too. You certainly are super talented and seem to be able to turn your hand to such a wide variety of crafts.

    Great when you find a special button in your collection isn't it? I have a couple of tins I love rummaging through. It used to be just one but I gained one from my late MIL too along with all of her embroidery threads.

    Hope you had a good weekend

    Love Jules xx