Sunday, 6 May 2018

Groovi Parchment

I caught up with a couple of Groovi shows on Hochanda yesterday evening which of course reminded me that it is about time that I spent some more time on this parchment technique - more hours needed in each day!!  However I have a few cards which I made a while ago and here is one of them to share with you today.  What I particularly like about the Groovi system is the way that so many designs can be worked by taking elements from several plates and combining them. 

We've been promised lovely weather for the Bank Holiday weekend although it is off to a slow start this morning with fairly thick mist which I'm hoping is heat haze!  I hope you all have a good break whatever you have planned and hopefully the sun will be shining for us all.

Elements taken from Tina's flowers and butterflies plates
Sentiment uses various letters and tiny tags from one of the plate mates
Nested squares used for border, infilled with elements from a plate mate
Border embossed using a Border  design plate
Coloured using pencils


  1. Very pretty Groovi card you’ve created Val love the design and soft colours


  2. Hi Val

    A gorgeous card - beautiful soft delicate colours!

    Love all the different elements you have used from various plates. The options must be never ending.

    If you find out how to get extra hours in your day could you let me know please. I would be very grateful!

    Have a lovely day.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Such a beautiful card Val, so far I have resisted buying these groovy plates but I'm not sure how much longer I can last out.

    Sue xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Val. Fabulous design and gorgeous colours. xx