Sunday, 4 June 2017

Gift Box

I'm not at all sure when this post will actually appear although I have scheduled it for a specific time just to see if this function is working properly after recently having to replace the battery in my 'tower'.  It never seemed to work previously which is why I rarely do it.

I promised a friend that I would take a photo of a little gift box made using a Tonic die which I've had a while and it has been waiting patiently to be used.  I got the impression when I saw the die used on TV that it would make a larger box than it does in reality and I've had a little 'glitch' in trying to find suitable small items to pop in as a gift.  In fact I was going around the supermarket and Boots the Chemist this week with a 6" ruler measuring things like tablets of toilet soap (too large)
and I guess next week I might be measuring up confectionery to see if anything will fit nicely.  I finished up by folding some socks up quite tightly to fit inside this one!

The die cuts the basic box and also has decorative panels to cut in two different designs

EDIT - I see the schedule worked which is great news.  Also forgot to say the box measures 3" x 2" so quite small really in terms of finding suitable contents

Tonic Graceful Marquee gift box die


  1. Your box is beautiful Val and I love the colour too. I had to smile at the thought of your going round with your ruler to measure to find items which might fit. Now did it stop you from picking up any of those magazines with super freebies! Hugs, Barbxx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments as always. I'm afraid nothing really distracts me from buying the magazines with the tempting freebies - watch this space!!