Sunday, 16 April 2017

Snippets Playground Challenge

I normally make something specifically for the Pixie Snippets fortnightly challenge but this time I'm entering something made for a challenge set by the patchwork and quilting group of which I'm a member because it uses eleven and a half snippets of yellow fabric - don't ask!!  I will however explain why such an odd number in case any other groups would like to give their members a similar challenge so bear with me.

Here goes - we were told to use black fabric measuring 10" x 30" as our background and next we had to pick (lucky dip style) a colour, a shape and a number from three pots each containing ten  folded pieces of paper - my draw resulted in having eleven and a half yellow circles to work with.  The project was to be kept a secret until completed in time for the big reveal which was last Thursday which means I can now share a photo of my efforts.  There were some very ingenious ideas and some forty or so of these hangings will be displayed at our next quilt exhibition and possibly at a Crafts4Crafters show in the autumn as part of the South West Quilters stand.

As I had raided my scraps of fabric to find the yellow snippets and also found some green and purple to add to the mix I reckon this will qualify for the Playground this week.  The yellow circles were made into Suffolk Puffs (or yo-yos for American readers) and I then cut out a stem, leaves and a couple of butterflies so that when applied to the background it would, hopefully, pass for a flower - maybe a hollyhock??

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend - weather looks quite nice at the moment but definitely not as warm as it was a week ago.


  1. Oh wow this is stunning Val, great use of the scraps of fabric too.

    Sue xx

  2. Val this is really pretty and it does look like hollyhocks...lovely assortment of coloured scraps


  3. I agree. . . Very hollyhock-like. VERY pretty too. Congrats on using up so many Snippets. Hoppy Easter to you Val. Xxx

  4. Wonderful use of snippets Val and so bright and cheerful too Clever you!


    Di xx

  5. That's lovely Val and definitely resembles a hollyhock.
    Val x

  6. Wow! That is stunning Val! April xx