Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Quilled Alpaca

I thought I'd share my quilled alpaca with you today despite not yet having sourced a suitable frame.  For the time being I've quickly made a box to keep him safe until such time as I can pop him onto a nice background in a frame.  He (or she) appears on the cover of one of the 'Twenty to Make' series of books Quilled Animals by Diane Boden.  There are some other great animals inside as well and of course these little books aren't expensive and cover a wealth of crafty topics.  Not the best of photographs but I guess you can get the idea - he stands just over 6" tall.


  1. He's brilliant Val oaks line he's smiling at us lol


  2. Wow Val!

    He's fabulous! Well done you - and I too believe he's smiling at us :)


    Di xx

  3. Beautiful Val, he has such a lovely expression on his face.

    Sue xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Val. He looks so sweet and I'm so impressed with how you get all your quills matching sizes. I love it. Barbxx

  5. He looks super Val, well done for sticking all the bits together!

  6. He is cute. You have captured the facial expression perfectly and the colours. We have a pack of about50 in one of the local fields. They are very inquisitive and always look over to see who is going by.
    Hugs Mrs A