Thursday, 12 November 2015

Patience Required??

Patience - I would say so!!  I cut this die three times, once in white pearl, once in charcoal pearl and once in blue and then set about piecing them together, setting the various pieces back into the main outlines to form a complete picture.  What started out as a good idea turned out to be somewhat time consuming, especially when it came to the tiny window shapes and the spaces in the fence. In fact I did draw the line at trying to retrieve the snowflakes in the sky area - these were filled in with some glittery Stickles.  The window areas were all filled in using the white bits from the die and were then coloured with alcohol pen.  I reckon I will be coming up with a quicker idea if I use this die again, just using the houses and trees.  Never mind it is another Christmas card made but I don't suppose the recipient will realise how long it took to make.


  1. Well Val it was certainly worth the effect its a gorgeous card and love the little scene you have created ....its like looking through a window


  2. It makes a lovely card - wouldn't have the patience to do it, so well done on persevering

  3. Definitely worth all the effort Val. It's gorgeous. I've done this type of thing before and vowed never to do it again!!!

    Karen x

  4. A beautiful card Val and worth taking the time to make, it's gorgeous.

    Sue xx

  5. What a lovely scene you've created with this die Val, love all the soft blues.
    Val x

  6. Worth the work it looks brilliant - even if you don't do it again!