Thursday, 10 September 2015

More Beaded Baubles

As promised here is the picture of the rest of the beaded baubles I made.  Some of the ladies in our craft group spotted my demonstrations and have said they'd like to have a go so I guess I won't be putting the baubles or beads away for a few weeks.  I will start them off on a simple netted cover to get them going (they are beginners when it comes to  beading) and then they can of course go to town on the dangles when they get to the end - anything goes really depending on what pretty beads are available.  The designs shown in this photo are rather more elaborate and definitely not for the beginner to tackle.


  1. These are stunning Val, wish I lived nearer to you and went to your craft group. You tree will look wonderful this year.

    Sue xx

  2. These are stunning Val! Your ladies are in for a treat learning from you!

    Lesley Xx

  3. These really are beautiful Val and such gorgeous colours


  4. Beautiful Val, hope the ladies have fun, I'm sure they will be inspired.