Monday, 25 May 2015


Yet again I seem to have been missing from my blog but I can assure you I've not been idle, merely trying to use my time a little differently by doing more practical things rather than spending time at the computer.  I have a little beadwork experiment to show you today in the form of a necklace which incorporates some 'spiral staircase' or 'spiral rope'  bead weaving using seed beads and pearls together with a beaded bead using the same and just a couple of elements using beads on eye-pins.  I'm not altogether sure this is how I want it to look and might try a different way using the same components but with the beaded bead suspended vertically - a simple enough job to change it around and/or change it back again if I don't like the look - of course that is the beauty of making jewellery from components which can be switched around.  If I like the alternative arrangement I might post another picture.


  1. Val what a stunning necklace and love the 'centre piece' look in the middle, beautiful colours also


  2. This is a lovely necklace, you must have loads of patience.
    Jackie x