Wednesday, 1 October 2014

More Stamping

While these stamps were still on my table I've made a second Christmas card using them and I must be careful not to put them away too safely otherwise they will disappear into the depths and not be used for ages!  I must point out that what appear to be smudges on the white areas are in fact marks on the scanner glass which needs a good clean - mind you I often do get unwanted marks on this style of card and have to start all over again.  I'm always reluctant to add stamped greetings direct to cards which are almost finished in case I get them crooked or messy in some way, always safer to stamp on separate card and punch or die cut.  However this work is actually all on one layer but it does seem strange not to have die cuts somewhere.


  1. Gorgeous card Val, both this one and the one below! I totally know what you mean about smudges and one layer cards, but have to say, my plan is to try and do the same for Christmas cards. The two you have made here are stunning and they look great even without dies!

  2. another lovely card - and I know what you mean about the smudges; every time I try to clean the scanner it sulks and will only produce blurred images ................

  3. Another gorgeous card Val, with these wonderful stamps. I love it.

    Sue xx

  4. Love both of your card-i-o cards Val I love their stamps and find the twig one great for wreaths :-)
    Val x

  5. Two great cards Val - love the wreath on the first but especially love the half wreath with the birds and just that suggestion of colour in the background.

    Karen x

  6. Beautifully stamp card and a lively scene