Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I've Been Sewing

As you might well have guessed, I have fabric mountains as well as paper, card etc and if you add in my beading addiction too you will realise I have to try and use up some of this hoard.  I'm always afraid to turn on the 'Hoarder' TV show just in case there has been some secret filming going here!!  If you look online you will find various tutorials for the Snappy Bags and also the Triangular Thread Catchers and both of these projects are pretty straightforward to make and of course do help in the 'using it up' campaign.  The 'snappy' bags can be any size you like, made of one fabric or oddments and feature a clever idea - using pieces cut from retractable metal measures for the closure (best purchased from the shops where everything is one price rather than filched from the tool shed).  The triangular item can also be any size you like and is really handy to keep by your side when sewing to pop all the little bits of thread into rather than scattering them far and wide to be cleared up later.  You might be able to see that I've been using the smaller one because there is a snippet of thread showing in the photograph!!


  1. Lovely projects Val, I've just invested in a new sewing machine, the last one I bought 42 years ago, so I'm itching to do something creative sewing wise:)
    Val x

  2. You have been busy Val and what lovely snappy bags and thread ideal way to use up all those scraps of fabric..great combination of colours


  3. Great projects, well done for using up some of your stash.
    I do all sorts like you do but instead of the beads I have yarn for knitting and crochet

    Jackie x

  4. These are gorgeous Val. I love the brightly coloured bag at the front, it's so eye catching.

    Sue xx

  5. well done on skimming the craft mountain down a bit = bags are always useful, and the thread catchers look very useful

  6. Fab and beautifully coloured projects Val, also love your owl card. I did get worried about the hoarders program and have been working very hard to waylay them. I think I may crack it, lol. Flora xx

  7. Lovely projects Val, and so colourful. I have mountains of wool , embroidery threads, ans cross stitch projects. The one thing I'm short of is time in the day to do what I like. Hugs x ChrisB