Monday, 7 April 2014

Best Laid Plans

Well I had planned to go out this morning until I saw what the weather was like - grey wet and windy!!  I'm sure I should have taken the opportunity to catch up on some housework but I have to admit that I sat and did some beading instead.  I'd seen several things I wanted to try in Beaded Opulence by Marcia DeCoster and this 'dangle' was one of them so I sorted out a few beads, crystals and pearls to have a go and this is the result.  In the book there is a matching choker necklace but as I don't really like chokers I might try something else but in the meantime it is hanging from a multi-purpose necklet which I have.  The postman has just dropped the latest Beadworkers' Guild Magazine through my letterbox so you can guess what I might be doing this afternoon, yes you guessed right, reading the mag and drinking coffee!!


  1. Sensible to stay put. You certainly put the time to good use though - love the colours of this. Enjoy the mag with the coffee.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Val this stunning and would look fabulous as a choker's stopped raining here yippee...


  3. Oooooooo that is gorgeous Val, what a wonderful way to spend the messiest of days. I had a bit of puttling about to do as my eldest's car had to go for MOT, it passed thank goodness. Hope you had a very enjoyable read. xx Flora

  4. Gorgeous Val, I love pearls! Seems a sensible choice as the HW never goes away but inspiration can be fleeting:)
    Val x

  5. Gorgeous Val, an ideal day for crafting the housework will still be there tomorrow. There's some beautiful colours in this.

    Sue xx

  6. Hi Val

    This is absolutely gorgeous