Tuesday, 15 October 2013

More Jewellery

Last week when visiting a local gallery to see a quilting exhibition I was tempted into their craft section and just had to treat myself to a silver scarf 'ring' with a gorgeous dangly owl on it.  This of course got me thinking that I could make some of these if I could obtain the basic finding (scarf bail) easily.  I discovered they aren't quite as easy to source, particularly in this country as far as I can tell, which in turn made me think that I could maybe design a beaded scarf bail  and this is the result of my first experiment using Delica beads.  The dangly part is an adaptation of a design seen in the latest issue of the Beadworkers' Guild Journal which I spotted after I'd started making the bail part using an idea from a book on Geometric beading.  I picked up a couple of light scarves in the local charity shop and that's it - my first beaded scarf ornament.  With all this beading I've not produced any cards recently so it is back into the craft room to dig out my stash and play with inks because I have a couple of Halloween quintiles to make.


  1. Oooo, I do love this Val. What a fabulous make. I love my scarves and have quite a lot. Your talent is never ending. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Val this is looks so elegant on your scarf, love the colours and such an unusual design...


  3. Non not sure that scarfs are my thing, but I do like what you've made Val. You've used gorgeous colours for it.

    Sue x