Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Poppy Brooch

Last year I purchased the pattern to make a poppy brooch from a lady called Pam Kirk who developed this design and sells the pattern, donating the money to the Royal British Legion.  I started this, fully intending to make it in time to wear in November but needless to say this didn't happen and once there was no pressure to get on with it I'm afraid I shelved the project at the point where all the separate petals had to be assembled and the general finishing off done.  I came across it this morning when I was looking for something else and decided that I really would get it finished and am pleased to say it is done well in advance of this November.  I will have to be careful not to put it away in too safe a place though or it could disappear again!!  The original design was for a red poppy but I much prefer to wear the alternative white version for peace.

Do take a look at Pam's website where you can find details of how to order the pattern and I  see there are  pictures of the flower in many other colours too.  So far she has raised £17,000 for the British Legion which is brilliant.


  1. What a beautiful poppy Val,all lovingly stitched too I love poppies so much. Hugs Rita

  2. What a gorgeous poppy Val, such lovely bead work too.

    Sue x

  3. Absolutely stunning Val....such a lot of work and so much patience to produce this lovely piece..


  4. Beautiful Val I love poppies!
    Val x

  5. Wow this is beautiful is it all done with beads

    Jackie x

  6. Hi Val, I truly believe this is the most beautiful poppy brooch I've ever seen and I agree with you about the white instead of traditional red. That's a staggering sum for Pam to have raised.

    Sorry I've been so quiet recently. Important date in court tomorrow regarding a certain little person which seems to be taking over my brain for the time being. Hope we can finally get some normality after the past 18 months but not holding my breath.

    Lesley Xx

  7. that's gorgeous Val, result is well worth all the hard work - and well done to Pam for raising such a huge sum.

  8. This is lovely & so impressive - a terrific cause too. Very pretty in the white & brilliant that you've got it finished well ahead of time.
    Paula (PEP)