Sunday, 7 April 2013


I really must apologise for my lack of blogging (again) but my reason this time is that I've been busy getting things ready for a couple of days demonstrating at my local craft shop.  As they recently started selling fabrics I was asked if I could do something relevant and as I didn't want to be dragging a sewing machine along I asked if they could get in a supply of various Clover templates, which they duly did.  I've been working out various ways of using the Suffolk Puffs, or yo-yos, and making Kanzashi flower brooches in addition to making some bags, covered books etc to show just some of the ways of using both the templates and the lovely cotton fabrics.  It was a very busy time although extremely cold in a daughty marquee - I can say that trying to sew with fingerless gloves on and bundled up in cardigans and coats isn't the easiest but it was lovely chatting to the visitors, many of whom are regulars to these two day shows which happen in April and September each year in conjunction with a woodworking event.  My 'friend' Jill of Jills Quills very kindly popped a sneaky photo onto her blog of me at work!!  They pretty well sold out of all the templates and I guess some of the fabrics were sold too so my efforts were not in vain.  Hopefully I can come up with pictures of some of the items later when I've unpacked my bags.

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