Saturday, 23 March 2013

Angry Bird

I thought I'd go for a bit of fun with a card for my (adult) grandson because I'm sure he must be a fan of the Angry Birds - I know his father is - and his grandmother (dare I admit it)!!  For those who may not know, it is a series of computer games where birds are fired from catapults to destroy buildings and so on erected by the Bad Piggies who incidentally have stolen the eggs from the birds - yes I know, don't ask!! but it is fun.

The card was made using scraps of card cut out with various punches and dies to resemble one of the birds and a little piggie.  I will endeavour to get back to more serious topics but needed something cheery to do on a dismal and damp Saturday morning - that's my excuse if I need one.


  1. Love your fun card, absolutely. Doing something like this makes a card. xx Flora

  2. What a great fun card I'm sure your grandson will love it

    Jackie x

  3. What a great card Val your grandson will love it... and again you have used up some of your scraps...


  4. I do learn things when I visit here - this is such an ingenious idea & I'm sure your grandson will have just as much fun being the recipient as you had making it.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. I don't think you need an excuse Val, it's a fab card!

  6. How clever this is Val and I bet your Grandson absolutely loved it. Brilliant!

    Lesley Xx